Gavin Sawyer


I'm Gavin, a software developer and BSBA graduate living in Boston.

Open-source projects


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A Firebase Extension for authentication with WebAuthn passkeys, a new web standard for passwordless authentication. Allows websites built on Google’s app development and cloud platform to use biometric authentication in place of passwords while changing only one line of app code.



An API and library of iOS shortcuts used to create highly detailed home automations based on the user's Focus mode and location. This project addresses limitations in Apple’s HomeKit system which make it impossible to disable motion-activated lights when the user’s iPhone is in Sleep Focus, for example.


Suffolk University

Fall '19-Spring '23 • The Sawyer Business School is accredited by the AACSB.

Gavin is a BSBA graduate who double-majored in Global Business and Analytics and minored in Cybersecurity. He took classes including:

don Quijote Madrid

Spring '21 • don Quijote is accredited by the Cervantes Institute.

Gavin earned a B1-level certification for intermediate Spanish proficiency in Madrid during a semester of online classes.

Suffolk University Madrid Campus

Spring '20-Fall '20

Gavin studied abroad for two semesters, taking classes on Spanish language and history alongside international business, intercultural communication, macroeconomics, business law, and accounting.

Saint Joseph Preparatory High School

Fall '15-Spring '19

In high school, Gavin was involved in art and robotics and became interested in his major from taking AP Statistics.


Gavin has been creating software since 2014.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

9 years

AWS, RESTful APIs, NodeJS, MongoDB, SQL, Git

7 years

TypeScript, Angular, RxJS, SASS

6 years

Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, Amplify

4 years

Nx, R, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

3 years

Cybernetics, Information Theory

2 years